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An empty barrel weighs 10 pounds. What can you put in the barrel to make it lighter?
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A hole?

An empty barrel weighs 10 pounds. What can you put in the barrel to make it lighter?
some sort of light gas. eg. helium or hydrogen

You can't make it lighter or heavier cuz know matter what you put in the barrel, the barrel will still weigh ten pounds.

A lit candle or lightbulb?

To make it weigh less or to make it lighter?  I don't think you could put anything in there to make it weigh less, but to make it lighter as in brighter, you could add add a flashlight, lit candle, lightbulb, etc.?

White Paint ?

Maybe a burning bundle of rags doused in gasoline. the stuff would burn part of the interior walls and reduce the overall mass/weight of the barrel. Hopefully the ashes remaining behind would weigh lesser than what has been burnt away.
Similarly for other material barrels, any substance that corrodes the material like acid. i.e leading to Prime's answer.


v hav 2 jst add holes 2 it!!!
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