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A mile from end to end,
Yet as close to you as a friend.
A precious commodity, freely given.
Seen on the dead and on the living.
Found on the rich, poor, short and tall,
But shared among children most of all.

What am I?


a smile
because smiles r cute  :-)  




a smile

Imagine the craftsmen’s Swiss-cheesy chagrin
When a wristwatch salesman comes waltzing in
And with a cheeky wink and a devilish grin
Offers to sell his Swatches to them! and such sites are cute but the material is of a much lower, outdated caliber than is found here.
Just my 2 cents.  Thanks.
  • stand,alone,but,called,names,plain,some,others,run,away,cause,pain,while,cheer,author,rude,which,she
  • Spots,before,eyes,While,traveling,through,Middle,East,three,logical,intelligent,friends,are,seized,accused,espionage,sentenced,ten,years,hard,labor,torture
  • moving,though,sometimes,even,fixed,long,still,short
  • Starting,from,move,every,fifth,number,divisible,Can,prove,that?
  • Sorry,overly,underly,criptic,only,think,one,answer,but,there,may,more,name,would,suggest
  • make,adults,cry,but,kinder,gardeners,turn,ignore,What
  • mother,father,had,kids,oldest,named,youngest,3rd,youngest/oldest,child,named?,trouble
  • ,1 , ,2 , 2,14
  • riddle,nine,syllables,elephant,ponderous,house,melon,strolling,two,tendrils,red,fruit,Ivory,fine,timber,The,loafs,big
  • rich,aristocrat,decided,would,give,every,man,woman,Only,one,ninth,men,only,twelfth,women,collected